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Kick off JP Morgan with DOCSF

Stay tuned for 2023 meeting information.

This event has concluded. Watch the on-demand replay as we delve into recent investment trends in musculoskeletal digital technologies and explore the coming transformation of the surgical suite.  


Bini Headshot
Stefano Bini, MD
Professor, Orthopedic Surgery Chief Technology Officer, Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery University of California San Francisco,
Founder & Chair, Digital Orthopædics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF)
Nancy Lynch, MD, MBA
Orthopedic Surgeon
President, Advisorthopædics
Ashley Libby Diaz, PT, MBA
Founder & Medtech Strategist,
Wren MQ
Robin Young
Founder, Publisher
RRY Publications, LLC
Danny Goel, MD
Clinical Professor, Orthopedic Surgery University of British Columbia Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Ken Trauner, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon Founder, Invuity, DocSpera, Sharp Fluidics, Bespoke Innovations & Bedrock Surgical Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, National Science Foundation Center for Biophotonics
Richard Angelo, MD, PhD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Proliance ret. Chief Medical Officer, Kaliber Labs Past President, Arthroscopy Association of North America Immediate Past President, Orthopedic Learning Center Principal Investigator - AANA Copernicus Initiative
Kris Siemionov, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery & Neurosurgery Chief, Spine Surgery University of Illinois - Chicago Co-founder, Holosurgical & Chief Medical Officer, Surgalign
“DOCSF is an outstanding resource for education and networking in the innovation business around Orthopaedic Care and Musculoskeletal Medicine.”
George FMuschler, MD
George F. Muschler, MD
Cleveland Clinic
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