Join us on April 23rd & April 24th as experts around the world share their insights on digital health solutions in orthopaedics. If you cannot join live, the content will be available on-demand following the live event. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

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7:30 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Stefano Bini
Shawna Butler

7:40 am

Keynote: Bias in AI and Algorithmic Trust

Artificial intelligence. When we hear that phrase, we tend to focus on the second word: Intelligence. We sometimes don’t spend enough time on the first word: artificial. The more data the intelligence has to work with, the more accurate it’s predictions are. But while health data is growing exponentially it is not as yet a complete or completely accurate data set. Increasingly, we are seeing tools from the world of AI being used in medicine to do everything from predicting risk of readmission to reading clinical charts for hidden diagnostic clues. But can we trust an otherwise perfectly good algorithm that is using an incomplete, partial or inaccurate data set? How big a does a data set have to be to be big enough that we can trust it? And what data sources are trust-worthy? As AI becomes ubiquitous how can we become smart consumers of it’s recommendations?  How should we approach, evaluate and use AI in healthcare?

Anthony Chang

8:20 am

Awareness of Inherent Racial and Gender Bias


Melissa Zimel

8:40 am

Applied AI to Reduce Error: Cognitive Support & Virtual Scribes 

Gretchen Purcell Jackson
Emilio Galan

9:40 am

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

10:00 am

Bone Tank

Jump into Bone Tank and meet five companies that are doing their best to make life easier for doctors and patients alike by solving pain points we all share. Learn about solutions you didn’t know existed from companies that solve real problems. 

Fabrizio headshot2
Fabrizio Billi
Mark Goldstein
Vonda Wright

11:00 am

Entertainment: Magician

Magician Dennis Kyriakos provides sophisticated entertainment at corporate meetings & conferences, incentive weekends, trade shows, hospitality suites, and high-end private events from New York City to San Francisco, Las Vegas to Palm Springs, Los Angeles to Orlando, and even Shanghai. A charming and charismatic presence at any event, Dennis presents high-caliber magic and mind reading guaranteed to amaze and delight your most discerning guests.

Dennis Kyriakos​

11:20 am

Case Study: How a digital backbone increased revenue 34x.

Through determination, leadership, partnership and digital technology as a backbone for change, a small hospital in the Bronx was able to grow it’s orthopaedic footprint to increase clinical volume 14x, surgical volume 8x, and revenue 34x. 

Ira Kirschenbaum

11:55 am

Orthopaedic Moonshots

If you want to look into the future, all you need to do is talk to the people funding these wild ideas and making bets on these orthopaedic moonshots. Join the DOCSF Venture Desk panel as we ask the question: what areas of digital health that will impact musculoskeletal care is getting the most attention from venture capital in 2021?

Nancy Lynch
Amy Belt Raimundo
Unity Stokes
Unity Stoakes

12:30 pm

Let’s Talk Mako SmartRobotics™ & Beyond

Hear from a panel of surgeons on their use of robotics, data, analytics and digital tools today and their thoughts on how these tools will transform the future of patient care in Orthopaedics.

12:30 pm

Connected care and personalized medicine: Individualized accuracy, anywhere

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Times shown in Pacific Standard Time

7:30 am

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Stefano Bini
Shawna Butler

7:40 am

Keynote: Privacy, Data Sharing & Access Innovation

Privacy data sharing and data access…when oh when will that happen? A patient walks into an orthopedic doctor’s office after undergoing a battery of tests at their primary care doctor’s office. The patient has diligently requested copies of all their records and yet the orthopedic surgeon cannot see key parts of the medical record they need, like the actual X-ray or MRI. By some estimates, as much as 30% of the healthcare delivered in the US is unnecessary or duplicative. Now that nearly 95% of healthcare data in the US is digital, why is this still true? Why can’t my data be shared? What and who stands in the way? Will blockchain save the day? Will the Federal Government?

Robert Watcher

8:20 am

Brain break: Musician: Damien Escobar

Damien Escobar is a world-renowned violinist, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, hailing from Jamaica, Queens, New York. His musical career spans over a decade, and his inspiring journey of making it big, losing it all, fighting to rebuild, and getting a second chance at success is as much apart of his brand identity than being among the top violinist in the world.

Damien Escobar

8:40 am

Chatbots: The Next Frontier

Orthopaedics is a high touch low tech experience. Feeling for bumps and bruises is what we do. How can we do that over the internet? Covid 19 has made everyone and their dog familiar with virtual interactions from Zoom calls to Insta posts. People have experience asynchronous virtual care, they know that waiting in a doctor’s office is no longer the only way to see a doctor. And yet, the zoom experience still leaves us wondering if that is really all there is? Is zoom like dial up telephony once was? How might the patient experience change in the future? What could happen if we were to move past Facetime and merge chatbots, AI, sentiment analysis, camera vision, wearable sensors, and avatar technology?

Erica Lloyd
Shantenu Agarwal

9:00 am

Digital Therapeutics

Sometimes, you need to be seen now. You can’t wait for the next available appointment. Sometimes, you need to be assisted through your recovery, your hand held every step of the way. Sometimes, treatment for what you need is simply too far away. Sometimes, tracking your medication is critical but letting your doctor know every time you take a pill is not practical. But what if a doctor could prescribe a virtual treatment for you? What is an app could track your recovery and remind you to take treatments? What if therapy was digital? That is the goal of Digital Therapeutics, a growing business expected to grow 20% per year and hit nearly $14B by 2027.

Jessica Shull

9:40 am

Quick Take: Making A Brand

DOCSF has a new look! Join us as we take a peek behind the scenes with the talented creative agency and video team we hired to 

9:50 am

A Glimpse Into OrthoGrid’s Digital Journey

Coming Soon

10:00 am

COVID19: The (Digital) Orthopaedics Update

In April and May of 2020, DOCSF tackled the challenges that COVID19 posed to the orthopaedic community head on. The pandemic has stubbornly refused to recede and orthopaedics, like all of medicine, continues to struggle with it’s management. We brought back our all-stars for a global update on the virology, population impact, clinical burden, and leadership challenges of the ongoing pandemic. 

Gianfranco Di Maira​
Brian Schwartz
George Rutherford
Dr. Luigi Zagra

10:30 am

Voice of DOCSF

There is nothing quite like hearing an opinion from our peers. Before we buy anything these days, we check the reviews. Reviews not from professional reviewers, but more often from people like “us”, people who are likely to use a product the way we do; people who are likely to have the problems “we” have. That is why we at DOCSF are so excited to bring you “the Voices of DOCSF”, a collection of stories from clinician innovators on the front line of digital innovation in Musculoskeletal Care. Doctors, nurses and administrators took on the challenge of innovation and succeeded. 

Stefano Bini
Selene Parekh
Vonda Wright
Coming Soon

11:15 am

Entertainment: How To Make Black Truffle Risotto

Tyler, Jason, and Sarah all met while working together at Michelin-acclaimed The French Laundry. They founded Truffle Shuffle to bring you the world-class dishes and incredible flavors they love.  At Truffle Shuffle, we believe that Truffle Risotto is the Holy Grail of Truffle Dishes. Especially when it’s made with love by Chef Jason and Chef Tyler. Risotto, often described as rice suspended in sauce, is a dreamy cloud-like dish that is both decadent and light at the same time.  

Tyler Vorce
Tyler Vorce

11:35 am

Patient Experience: Wearables

Amongst all the wearable technologies that have hit the consumer market, amongst the most popular are devices that measure motion, heart rate and even oxygen saturation. And consumer grade sensors are not only getting increasingly accurate, they are becoming increasingly powerful thanks to their connection to mobile phones, apps, web based algorithms and even edge computing. Where are we today with sensors, where are we going, and what can we expect from this class of devices in orthopaedics?

Fabrizio Billi
Stefano Bini
Coming Soon

12:00 pm

DOCSF Politics Desk: Biden Priorities

At $4 Trillion dollars per year, health care spending represented 17% of the US economy in 2020 and is expected to keep growing at approximately 5-6% per year. Those are big numbers and controlling the cost of healthcare is one of the few things with bipartisan support in congress. Any new administration, however, will bring in new priorities, often ones that were foreshadowed in the campaign. Understanding these trends has important consequences for anyone who is part of the medical economy. DOCSF has partnered with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to review the policy priorities of the Biden Administration.

Thomas Barber
Doug Lundy
Jordan Vivian

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