DOCSF365 Design Thinking Masterclass

DOCSF 365 Masterclass: Design Thinking
Presented by: IDEO


Join us for this 3-hour masterclass which will teach you the process of design thinking, followed by a breakout session led by the experts at IDEO. During the breakout session, each small group will use the design thinking process to brainstorm solutions to the orthopaedic challenge below.  There will also be a discussion of how the value of design thinking might apply in your practice!

Design Thinking Orthopaedics Challenge: Orthopedic businesses have been required by COVID to do a lot more outpatient care and services. As our world slowly returns to “normal” some things are not going back to the way they were. 

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. This masterclass will teach you how to use design thinking in your own practice to solve challenges in an innovative, forward-thinking mindset. The approach taught by IDEO focuses on finding solutions that are desirable, feasible, and viable.

Whether you have attended an IDEO Design Thinking session at DOCSF before, or if this is your first time, we welcome you to join us!

The digital workshop will be conducted virtually with a team from the design firm IDEO led by Dennis Boyle, one of the leaders of the Design for Health studio and a founding team member of the company.

Discounts are available for teams of 3 of more. Email Kristina@DOCSF.health for more information!

About IDEO

IDEO is an award-winning global design and innovation company. IDEO creates a positive impact through design by taking a human-centered approach to help organizations in the public and private sectors innovate, grow, and bring to market new ideas.

Meet The IDEO Team

Dennis Boyle
Dennis Boyle


Dennis Boyle is a Partner and a founding team member of IDEO. Dennis helps lead the Design for Health Studio at IDEO and works in its San Francisco office. Design for Health is the part of IDEO’s business that works with clients in medical and health related industries to develop innovative physical and digital products, software, services and strategies. Over the course of his IDEO career, Dennis has worked as a design engineer, a project leader, a business relationship leader, a studio leader, and a practice leader. He has helped us build and nurture many key, long-term client relationships, including Silicon Valley tech firms, Fortune 100 consumer businesses, and health-care companies. He has been named on more than 55 patents.

Dr. Talya Brettler

Medical Director

Dr. Talya Brettler is a public-health trained pediatrician serving as Medical Director at IDEO’s Design for Health Studio in San Francisco. In that role, she collaborates with clients and IDEO teams to bring innovation to health products, services, and experiences. Talya is passionate about exploring questions that challenge the status quo and improve health and wellness for the community at large. She believes health is so much more than healthcare, and that opportunities to design for health extend far beyond hospital walls.

Huang_Delphine- headshot
Dr. Delphine Huang

Medical Director

Dr. Delphine Huang is a medical director at IDEO in the Health Studio. She works closely with design teams to bring impactful and innovative ideas to life. Her projects span from health products, services, systems and strategy design. She is also a practicing emergency medicine physician at UCSF/ZSFGH and Kaiser Permanente.

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