Swarm with DOCSF


Join us as we leverage AI to help our community select the best possible program for DOCSF23.

Swarm With Us!


This event was done on July 26th, 2022 

At DOCSF, we are constantly pushing our own thinking to improve what we do for our community. It’s just what we do 🙂 For the 2023 DOCSF Experience, focused on Digital Innovation in Outpatient Surgery, we asked: can we leverage AI to help our community select the best possible agenda? The answer is YES!

We teamed up with Unanimous.ai  and our DOCSF community to do one, big, beautiful, groundbreaking experiment in collective intelligence on July 26th, 2022. We gained valuable insights and information for our 2023 conference. 

DOCSF: Join the Revolution

How Does Swarm Intelligence Work?

The Swarm AI® platform will allow you to participate in a unique research experience where you will answer questions posed by a moderator using your computer mouse and chat text. If you haven’t participated in a project like this before there is no need to worry. The moderator will provide directions for everyone once it starts. To participate in this study, all you need is a good Internet connection and a Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser on a desktop or laptop computer.

About Swarm AI® Technology

Swarm AI® technology, developed by Unanimous AI, employs a unique combination of real-time human input and AI algorithms that are modeled after swarms in nature. Swarm Intelligence is the reason why birds flock, bees swarm, and fish school – they are smarter together than alone. Nature shows us that by forming closed-loop systems, groups can produce insights that greatly exceed the abilities of any individual member.  While humans have not evolved this ability naturally, Swarm AI technology enables this artificially, allowing groups to amplify their intelligence by forming real-time swarms. 

The winner of Best in Show & AI Innovation of the Year at SXSW, Unanimous’ Swarm AI technology has been used in a number of high-profile and high-stakes applications. In a breakthrough experiment with Stanford University School of Medicine published in Nature, Digital Medicine, a swarm of radiologists were able to make more accurate pneumonia diagnoses than either the doctors themselves or the most state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms. A swarm of pilots helped Boeing test and evaluate prototypes; a swarm of movie fans beat every expert on record at the Oscars; and, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, swarms correctly forecast the outcome of voting in all the battleground states in the 2020 US Presidential election.

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