Webinar: Generative AI in Orthopaedics Part 1

Generative AI in Orthopaedics Webinar Series Part 1 https://youtu.be/bFrM9Zqfpvc Listen in as our panel of experts discuss the future of orthopaedics in the first webinar of our Generative AI in Orthopaedics webinar series.  Gain insights into Generative AI’s capabilities, its integration in orthopaedics, and its potential to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment plans, and patient care. 

DOCSF23: Day 3

DOCSF23- Day 3 https://youtu.be/e3ryYSi29wk DOCSF23 Day 3: Generative AI, Value Based Care and the Science of Innovation. Friday builds on the energy from Thursday but takes a step back and take a broad look at the big picture. DOCSF23: Day 3 00:00:00– Opening Remarks: Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF) Thomas P Vail. (UCSF) 00:04:43– Keynote …

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DOCSF23: Day 2- Part 2

DOCSF23- Day 2 Afternoon Session https://youtu.be/uUQDtEr44nE DOCSF23 Day 2 was dedicated to the digital transformation of outpatient surgery. Session 5 Moderator: Fabrizio Billi, PhD (UCLA) 00:00:45– DOCSF SCIENCE – LLMs & AI Chatbots, Moderator: Fabrizio Billi, PhD (UCLA), Panelist: Gavin Pereira, MD (UC Davis Health), Thomas Peterson, PhD (UCSF), Alan Young, MD (McKinsey & Company)DOCSF SCIENCE …

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DOCSF23: Day 2- Part 1

DOCSF23- Day 2 Morning Session https://youtu.be/5Rwt1IBYuA4 DOCSF23- Day 2- Morning Session DOCSF23 Day 2 was dedicated to the digital transformation of outpatient surgery. 00:00:00– Opening Remarks, Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF) 00:05:35– DOCSF23: The State of Digital Orthopaedics in 2023, Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF) 00:27:22– Trends in Outpatient Surgery: The Clinical Perspective, Moderator: Michael Ast, …

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DOCSF23: Day 1

DOCSF23- Day 1 https://youtu.be/0_Lzlm1v_7c DOCSF23- Day 1 DOCSF23 Day 1 started off DOCSF with TECH23: a new half-day session focused on the med-tech space and digital startups supporting MSK and outpatient surgery.   1:30 PM – 1:45 PM IntroductionStefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF), Thomas Vail, MD (UCSF) Session 1- Moderator: Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF)1:45 …

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