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For 2022, DOCSF is radically redesigned to create an immersive look into the future of musculoskeletal care, outline the transformational tools needed to transition to digital orthopaedics, and highlight the translation research providing the evidence for change.


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SCIENCE will focus on eight active research areas impacting orthopaedics today such as machine learning, camera vision, sensors, and 3D printing. Prominent scientists and clinical researchers embedded in those disciplines will select the best published papers of the past year, discuss their key findings, and present the DOCSF SCIENCE AWARD to the winner of each category. The goal of DOCSF SCIENCE is to update the audience on the best Evidence for Change published this past year.


We will look over the horizon and hear from visionary tech CEOs, Venture Investors and Physician Innovators in Silicon Valley and beyond. We want to understand the full potential of digital innovation in healthcare and the impact it will have on orthopaedics in particular. For example, we will be exploring what the advent of a multiverse, middleware, holograms, autonomous surgical robotics, synthetic data, digital twins, and hospital at home will have on the way we deliver care. Keynotes and faculty will include speakers from companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft, and visionary Futurists.


Digital Transformation will soon cease to be a competitive advantage and become an expected competency. Key thought leaders from business, healthcare and academia will share what is driving the need for innovation. Speakers will highlight the need to develop a digital foundation, integrate workforces, transform workflows, and implement effective strategies and delve into how that has happened in other industries that have gone before healthcare.

Why Attend?

    • Top Speakers and Experts – from across Digital Health, Orthopaedics, Technology, Hospitals, and Healthcare Providers  Around the World

    • Original and unique content available to watch live or on-demand on your own time
    • Entertainment– Stay on during the breaks for entertainment and industry symposia

    • Live Q&A – Use the chat to ask speakers and panelists questions live during their sessions

    • Start-Up Pitch Session from the top digital tech startups influencing the future of orthopaedics


Fabrizio headshot2

Fabrizio Billi

Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UCLA

Stefano Bini

Founder & Chair, DOCSF


Shawna Butler

Director Of Experience, DOCSF

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