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Our Mission

DOCSF is a venue for visionary leaders to rapidly advance technological development in orthopaedics–  in doing so, creating a new model in health care delivery.

Our Events Unite Orthopaedic and Tech Community​

Bridging: Digital Health + Clinical Practice

Our mission is to unite innovators and health care leaders to adopt and integrate digital health solutions in musculoskeletal care. Today.

The goal of our alliance is to create meaningful and measurable improvements in quality, cost, and access in musculoskeletal verticals.

DOCSF’s vision is to create a movement that delivers digital health (lower cost, higher quality, and better access) by focusing on technology within musculoskeletal care.

Why Orthopaedics?

The musculoskeletal vertical is integrated, centralized, ubiquitous, profitable and perfectly suited for digital innovation due to its highly technical nature. 

It is a perfect environment in which to introduce, test and deploy new ideas in part because of the short cycle time for clinical outcomes and the healthy population it addresses. 

For those looking for a digital health strategy, focusing scarce resources in orthopedics may be an excellent way to test ideas prior to a broader roll out.

Who Should Join DOCSF?

The intent of DOCSF is to create a network of leaders who are positioned to drive change and are engaged in the transformation of the health care delivery model. The leaders that DOCSF engages want a conference that is practical, identifies solutions to real problems, and provides perspective from people outside their normal circle of influence. To this end DOCSF invites senior representatives from Health Care, Industry, Finance, Startup, MSK providers in leadership roles, and Payers to participate.

digital orthopaedics conference DOCSF

What To Expect

The DOCSF program design is unique and designed specifically for its audience. Besides identifying exceptional speakers to provide high level overviews of key concepts, DOCSF uses many educational formats to reach and engage its audience. 

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