Digital Orthopaedics Transformation Tour New Zealand Part 2

Digital Orthopaedics
Transformation Tour:
New Zealand Part 2

Catch up on the first half of my New Zealand trip in the Digital Orthopaedics Transformation Tour New Zealand Part 1 Blog!

Moving to the South Island in NZ, the more mountainous, rugged and spectacular half of NZ, I did not spend much time in the capital, Christchurch but found a vibrant community of innovators and investors in Queenstown. We held our first DOCSF Pop Up at the Mountain Club, a networking hotspot and co-working space that is the brainchild of Paddy Kluts and his business partner, Peter Ramsay. With two venues in Queenstown and one in Auckland called (Mainland Angel Investors), Peter and Paddy have taken their experience in hospitality and business to create the ultimate blend of private club and co-working space to bring together innovators and startups in two spectacular venues. 

Meeting at 4pm with the spectacular backdrop of the Remarkable Mountains, I had the opportunity to hear from several startup founders and one serial entrepreneur now angel investor.  The startups ranged from a very successful lithium battery recycling company to a stable coin based crypto wallet, to water technology company and to LLM based chatbots.  The investor space is apparently quite favorable. Not only is the NZ economy outpacing the US, the EU and most nearby economies, but valuations are low relative to the US markets making the investor dollar go quite a bit further than what I am accustomed to seeing in the US. 

One of the other things I love is the really industrious nature of my Kiwi friends. I had the opportunity to run a small interview for the DOCSF Podcast series with Peter (Mainland Angel Investors). I think you’ll find his entrepreneurial journey just fascinating. 

Thank you to the following people for meeting with me!

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