Digital Orthopaedics Transformation Tour 2024

Digital Orthopaedics
Transformation Tour

“The future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed”.

In the first half of 2024, our Founder and Chair, Stefano Bini, MD, will embark on the 2024 Digital Orthopaedics Transformation Tour. He is taking a leave of absence from the University of California San Francisco to experience the future of healthcare as imagined by the most innovative health systems around the world. His goal is to share what he learns and thereby “distribute the future more evenly”. 

Dr. Bini has great things planned: one-on-one interviews with leading digital health innovators, entrepreneurs and administrators will be shared through DOCSF’s Podcast and social media channels. The solutions generated at intimate dinner Salons around the world will generate white papers for our LinkedIn platforms. Insights from DOCSF Pop Ups will inform future conferences.  

He will travel to Australia and New Zealand in January; Indonesia, Singapore, and India in February; and the UAE, Egypt, and Turkey in early March. From mid-March to the end of June, we will be traveling throughout the European Union.

If you want to meet, join a Salon, or host a DOCSF Pop Up, reach out to stefano@docsf.health and share your innovative ideas with our broad international audience!

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