DOCSF Podcast: Exploring AI Models Beyond Language

In this new season of DOCSF – The Webinar Series, hosted by Stefano Bini, we explore the world of AI in orthopedics. Our expert panel discusses fine-tuning models, data privacy, and clinician involvement. The conversations emphasize the importance of clear definitions, transparency, and human feedback in healthcare AI. One of the main takeaways is the …

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Webinar: Generative AI in Orthopaedics Part 2

Generative AI in Orthopaedics Webinar Series Part 2 https://youtu.be/rTCOzSQjVTo Listen in as our panel of experts discuss the future of orthopaedics in the first webinar of our Generative AI in Orthopaedics webinar series.  Gain insights into Generative AI’s capabilities, its integration in orthopaedics, and its potential to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment plans, and patient care.