DOCSF Podcast: DOCSF23 Bone Tank Part 1

Welcome to Bone Tank, our very own version of Shark Tank, dedicated to showcasing the brightest minds in the surgical innovation field!

In partnership with Mark Goldstein from UCSF Health Hub, we have assembled an exceptional panel of experts, including the highly qualified Siddarth Satish from Stryker, Stuart Simpson, CEO of Think Surgical, the accomplished Thorp Davis, MD with three successful exits in Medtech, the esteemed Cory Calendine, MD, and the visionary Nader Samii, CEO of National Medical, among others. Together, they will engage in insightful discussions with three startup companies revolutionizing surgical innovation. 

Featured Startup Companies: 

nSight SurgicalnSight is revolutionizing surgery with the first machine-learning platform to ensure hospital patient safety and streamline operative workflow.

Deep Structure AI– Deep Structure is an A.I. solution that easily brings artificial intelligence into your orthopedic practice.

Zuno Medical– Zuno Medical Smart Containers are the first sterilization containers designed with real-time electronic monitoring for reliable processing and instant sterile barrier verification.

Tune in to witness the latest and most groundbreaking innovations in our field, and gain valuable insights from the brilliant minds shaping the future of surgical innovation!

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