DOCSF23: Day 3

DOCSF23- Day 3

DOCSF23 Day 3: Generative AI, Value Based Care and the Science of Innovation. Friday builds on the energy from Thursday but takes a step back and take a broad look at the big picture.

DOCSF23: Day 3

00:00:00– Opening Remarks: Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF) Thomas P Vail. (UCSF)
00:04:43– Keynote AI: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Louis Rosenberg, PhD (Unanimous AI) in conversation with Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF)
00:31:40– Physical AI, Ivan Poupyrev Ph.D.
00:49:36– VR Technology Updates and Application of VR in ASC’s, Justin Barad, MD (Osso VR)
01:07:06– Digital Twins in Orthopaedics, Steve Levine (Dassault Systèmes)
01:57:37– DOCSF Science: Virtual PT and Sensors, Panelist: Cory Calendine, MD (Bone and Joint Institute of TN), Louis Rosenberg, PhD (Unanimous AI) ,Peter Schilling, MD (Dartmouth-Hitchcock)
DOCSF Science Part 2: RS, Co-Bots and Robotic Surgical Assistants – Panelist: Cory Calendine, MD (Bone and Joint Institute of TN), Stefan Kreuzer, MD (INOV8 Orthopedics), Louis Rosenberg, PhD (Unanimous AI)
02:08:04– Making the transition to Value-Based Care, Amit Kunte, MD, PhD (McKinsey & Company)
02:27:07– Value Based Care Panel Discussion, Panelist: Marc Gruner (Limber), Steve Schutzer, MD (Moving To Value Alliance), Jon JP Warner, MD (Mass. General Hospital)
03:08:14- Regenerative Med Update in MSK, Tobias Winkler, MD (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin)
03:20:09- Epigenomics, Maddalena Adorno, PhD (Dorian Therapeutics, Inc.)
03:33:03- Novel Regenerative Drug Candidate for Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Denis Evseenko, MD, PhD (USC)Summary Day 3 and Conclusion: Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF) Thomas P Vail. (UCSF)

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