DOCSF23: Day 2- Part 1

DOCSF23- Day 2
Morning Session

DOCSF23- Day 2- Morning Session

DOCSF23 Day 2 was dedicated to the digital transformation of outpatient surgery.

00:00:00– Opening Remarks, Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF)
00:05:35– DOCSF23: The State of Digital Orthopaedics in 2023, Stefano Bini, MD (DOCSF/ UCSF)
00:27:22– Trends in Outpatient Surgery: The Clinical Perspective, Moderator: Michael Ast, MD (HSS) Panelist: Laith Farjo, MD (Bone & Joint Surgery Center of Novi), Debbie Gee (UCSF), Jon JP Warner, MD (Mass. General Hospital)
Trends in Outpatient Surgery: The Operational Perspective
Moderator: Michael Ast, MD (HSS) Panelist: Neil Badlani, MD (Orthopedic
Sports Clinic), Oren Shill (SCA Health), Tommy Weilbacher (OSPITEK)
01:16:27– The Future of Care on Wheels: How Automotive Technology is Driving Disruptive
Innovations in Patient Management, Slim Souissi, PhD (OSPITEK)
01:48:08– Outcomes Predictions Through PROMs, Justin Saliman, MD (Outcome MD)
02:04:16– Risk Mitigation Through Better Analytics, Niall Brennan (Clarify Health Solutions)
02:18:55– Beyond the Chatbot: Using Conversational AI to Augment Care, Matt Troup, PA-C (Memora Health)
02:34:24– AI Surgeon Support in the OR, Edouard Saget (OrthoGrid Systems)
02:49:29– Computer Vision in the ASC to Track Instruments, Derek Amanatullah, MD, PhD (nSight Surgical)
03:04:16– Surgical Scheduling 2.0, Vineet Agrawal (DocSpera)

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