DOCSF Podcast
Welcome back to the Digital Orthopedics Podcast!  This time we bring you an episode with Niccolò Stefani from Philips, in which we discuss imaging and AI and how they will affect musculoskeletal care and radiology.
Niccolò starts laying the groundwork for what Philips is doing in the space. From insights and trends they have been able to recognize and work with to the current challenges like at-home care and interoperability, Niccolò dives deep into these topics. He also shares how AI can automate, simplify and work more effectively in institutional settings and the care pathway. Cybersecurity has raised several red flags in healthcare recently, and Niccolò walks us through how his team will never access the patient’s data and how they are working to make it even safer.
Tune in for a quick chat about AI and the power it is leveraging for healthcare solutions!

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