DOCSF Podcast: Innovation in Healthcare

innovation in healthcare

In this episode, Unity Stoakes, president and co-founder of Startup Health, talks with three health innovators about the unique moonshot solutions they’re working on, at the 2022 DOCSF Digital Orthopedics Conference.

He is joined by Rich Waldron, a physical therapist working at Joint Academy; Tatiana Kanzaveli, founder and CEO of Open Health Network; and Salman Khan, co-founder, and CEO of Biotics AI. They all talk about their moonshot solutions respectively: a global digital clinic leader in musculoskeletal care, a digital twin able to build a model for predictive treatment, and the use of Artificial Intelligence in detecting abnormalities in fetuses. They discuss challenges for innovation, such as the healthcare systems’ aversion to change, current payment models, and staff shortage, as well as the benefits of listening to the different players in healthcare and embracing technology propelled since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

These health innovators share how their moonshot solution has made an impact. Rich talks about how Joint Academy is redesigning care pathways for people that have musculoskeletal pain. Tatiana explains how Digital Twin will help in preventing or treating diseases. And Salam speaks about being proactive about misdiagnosis and streamlining the workflow in the OB space. They all believe healthcare is at a tipping point in terms of innovation where the system needs to adapt to the current needs and embrace technology for its improvement.

Join Unity in his conversation with these three health innovators at DOCSF 2022, and learn about how their unique solutions impact healthcare!

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