DOCSF Podcast: The Future of Computer Vision with AI

DOCSF podcast

Remember that we mentioned computer vision in the last episode of the Digital Orthopedics Podcast? We are talking a little more in depth about it and its future with Gary Bradski, the Chief Scientific Officer at OpenCV.ai. OpenCV is one of the world’s most visited open libraries, with 200,000 downloads per day on various topics. Even though OpenCV is used in robotics and the medical field, they are also used for sports, body motion, agriculture, and many more fields of work. Gary explains how they are looking forward to doing predictive, counterfactual, and explanatory models and more accurate screenings in less time with fewer views. Gary ends this with his thoughts on causal simulation concerning general AI and how humans perceive the world.

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DOCSF podcast

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DOCSF podcast

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