DOCSF22 Spotlight: Health Tech as a Gamified Service and Integrating the Future of Health

DOCSF22- Session 4

Welcome back to the 2022 Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF). DOCSF 2022 was held April 28-29, 2022 in San Francisco. Now we watch the sessions that closed out DOCSF22 Day 1, Community and Digital Health Tech as a Gamified Service and Integrating the Future of Health. 

Gaming is big in 2022. How big? $180 Billion big. By 2025 it will likely be twice that. That’s one big chunk of change. As with all tech, it is fungible. Tech leaks. It spreads. This is a good thing because it means we health care people do not have to worry about deploying VR headsets and IoT devices into people’s homes: they are already there! How cool. Right now, that is not so obvious. Join Roderick Alemagna, a 20 year veteran of the gaming industry as he outlines the technology, games, and applications that are hot in 2022, how they will evolve into the games of the future, and what it will mean for healthcare.

Who better to end our afternoon sessions, ignite our thinking, open us to the possible (and kick off our cocktail hour) than Dr. Daniel Kraft (Exponential Medicine)? Daniel has a unique perspective on what is happening in 2022 thanks to his ubiquitous presence on the digital health stage around the planet. He is a physician, an entrepreneur, an investor, and innovator… as well as a pilot.


Roderick Alemania

Co-Founder & CEO, ReadyUp Inc.
Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft

Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine

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