DOCSF Science & Digital Transformation & Start Up Innovation

DOCSF Science & Digital Transformation & Start Up Innovation

DOCSF22- Session 2

Welcome back to the 2022 Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF). DOCSF 2022 was held April 28-29, 2022 in San Francisco. So far, we have learned about The Future of Computer Vision & Medical Imaging with AI.  Next, we explore the science behind the innovation and how we are going to get there.

The first segment below is DOCSF Science in AI and Orthopaedics, hosted by Fabrizio Billi (UCLA). DOCSF Science is intended to look back at the most influential research of 2021 and how it will seed future innovation in orthopaedics. Translational research is presented in a Journal Club format by both clinical and basic science experts. Sit back and listen for the Evidence for Change.

Following the DOCSF Science is “Digital (Orthopaedic) Transformation: Human-Centered Design and System Thinking in Health Care” presented by Kenny O’Neill (EY). So we’re now starting to get a picture of what the future holds and it is awesome, inspiring, and motivating. But how do we get there? Fortunately, as the last to adopt digital tech, there are a lot of examples to draw on. In this session, we will hear from our friend at Ernst and Young on the successful implementation of human-centered design and system engineering in healthcare.

The final segment of this session is “Innovation in Healthcare: Startups and their importance to the healthcare eco-system”, presented by Unity Stoakes (SUH). 


Fabrizio Billi, PhD

Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, UCLA

Peter Schilling, MD, MSC

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Division of Joint Arthroplasty at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

Thomas Peterson, PhD

Director, UCSF REACH Informatics Core; Assistant Adj Professor, UCSF BCHSI & Orthopaedic Surgery at UCSF

Jennifer McCaney, PhD

Executive Director, UCLA Biodesign
Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Stefan W. Kreuzer, M.D., MSc.


Kenny O'Neill

Partner/Principal – Digital Strategy, Transformation & Innovation, EY

Unity Stokes

Unity Stoakes

Cofounder, President, Managing Partner, StartUp Health

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