DOCSF22 Spotlight: Data & Interoperability and Robotics In Orthopaedics

DOCSF22- Session 3

Welcome back to the 2022 Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF). DOCSF 2022 was held April 28-29, 2022 in San Francisco. Now we will learn about the future of data and robotics in Orthopaedics!

 In the future, accessing data wherever will seem like a natural state of affairs, but in 2022 data is locked away in silos. Several companies are tackling that issue and solving those challenges. In this session, we will hear Tate Gilchrist (Datavant)
 and Davide Vigano (Sensoria Health Inc.) who are working to solve the data interoperability equation. 

Then we will learn about the future of robotics in Orthopaedics. Today surgical robots are all the rage. In the future, the landscape will look quite different. Computers attached to actuators and sensors are helping us with many repetitive and otherwise menial tasks, freeing an ever-shrinking workforce to do things only humans can do. In this session, Emel Demircan (California State University, Long Beach) will explore how these trends will play out over time.


Tate Gilchrist

Provider Partnerships, Datavant

Davide Vigano

Cofounder & CEO, Sensoria Health Inc.

Emel Demircan, PhD

Associate Professor, California State University, Long Beach

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