The Patient Experience: Chatbots + Digital Therapeutics

DOCSF21: The Patient Experience: Chatbots + Digital Therapeutics

Shantenu Agarwal

VP of Product at Soul Machines

Erica Lloyd

Director of Public Sector Strategy Global at Soul Machines

Jessica Shull​

Industry Relations, Consultant, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Chatbots: The Next Frontier

Orthopaedics is a high touch low tech experience. Feeling for bumps and bruises is what we do. How can we do that over the internet? Covid 19 has made everyone and their dog familiar with virtual interactions from Zoom calls to Insta posts. People have experience asynchronous virtual care, they know that waiting in a doctor’s office is no longer the only way to see a doctor. And yet, the zoom experience still leaves us wondering if that is really all there is? Is zoom like dial up telephony once was? How might the patient experience change in the future? What could happen if we were to move past Facetime and merge chatbots, AI, sentiment analysis, camera vision, wearable sensors, and avatar technology?

Digital Therapeutics 

Sometimes, you need to be seen now. You can’t wait for the next available appointment. Sometimes, you need to be assisted through your recovery, your hand held every step of the way. Sometimes, treatment for what you need is simply too far away. Sometimes, tracking your medication is critical but letting your doctor know every time you take a pill is not practical. But what if a doctor could prescribe a virtual treatment for you? What is an app could track your recovery and remind you to take treatments? What if therapy was digital? That is the goal of Digital Therapeutics, a growing business expected to grow 20% per year and hit nearly $14B by 2027.

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