DOCSF August News

DOCSF August News

Well, friends of DOCSF (the Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco), it?s been an interesting ride!

Since January we have seen a massive upheaval in the way we practice clinical medicine, the rapid adoption of many of the technologies we have highlighted at our conferences, and a steep spike in digital health investments as Silicon Valley and other VCs bank on the reinvention of our health care delivery model due to this and future pandemics.

?They? are also betting that no matter what happens, we will never go back entirely to the models of the past. Patient visits and traditional in person care will go the way of in-person banking. Remember that? Going to the bank? No? I do, but my kids will never know what that experience is like and VCs think that will happen to health care. But: I?m speaking to the choir!

The future of traditional in-person live education conferences is also being thoroughly questioned as alternative, online events with less personal risk, lower time commitment, and decreased costs are becoming the new norm. For the foreseeable future, we expect virtual to be the new model. At DOCSF we pioneered the virtual conference in April 2020 (and later in May) with excellent results and a massive worldwide audience. We were amongst the first such conferences in the digital health space and many have followed suit. We learned a lot from those experiences and decided to take what we learned to completely redesign how we provide our audience access to the most cutting edge and proven digital health solutions, thought leaders, and innovators
impacting musculoskeletal care today. Further we have decided to double down on our commitment to our clinician audience and provide CME credits for large parts of our event.

We have a new website and are selecting new technology partners. Our offerings will be completely reconfigured to better suit the virtual medium. We are asking the question: what can we do when we are not constrained by time and space in how we bridge the world of technology and clinical orthopaedics?
We are working with our partners at IDEO and our many collaborators to find the best solutions
out there and maybe invent a few. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas you?d like to see
us explore or thoughts you?d like to share at info@docsf.health or complete the form (here).

We will back soon.  In the meantime, we hope you are well and safe.

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